This course is organized by UCIBIO with the collaboration and support of INCD.

Maxium students: 15 students / per module
Week 1 - OMICS
Week 2 - Modelling


The couse will have 6 modules:

     Module 0 - Introduction to HPC (12/September - 27/September)
(required module for the users who don't have any knoledge about HPC)

     Module 1 - High-throughput Sequencing Data (12/september)

     Module 2 - Transcriptome Assembly (13/September)

     Module 3 - Phylogenomics (14/September)

     Module 4 - Structure-based Virtual Screening (27/September)

     Module 5 - Molecular Dynamics (28/September)

     Module 6 - Hybrid Quantum Mechanics/Molecular Mechanics (29/September)


The registration must be made separately for each module, please use the links above to register.


Application for this event is currently open.